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Celebes Kalossi Colombian Supremo Costa Rica
Celebes Kalossi
Our Price: $14.95
Colombian Supremo
Our Price: $14.45
Costa Rica
Our Price: $14.45
Indonesian coffee, low acidity, full bodied, exotic flavor.
South America's finest; full bodied, excellent flavor.
Smooth, rich, full bodied; sharply acidic, fine mild flavor.
Guatemala Antigua Mexico Tanzania Peaberry
Guatemala Antigua
Our Price: $14.45
Our Price: $14.45
Tanzania Peaberry
Our Price: $14.95
High grown, one of the world's finest.  Good acidity, body, aroma. Mexico's finest; high grown, rich and smooth, good aroma. A rich, mild, full bodied brew.
Kenya AA Sumatra
Kenya AA
Our Price: $16.50
Our Price: $14.95
Rich, brisk; from Africa's north slopes producing Tanganyika coffees. A rare Indonesian coffee similar to Java; full bodied, mellow, smooth.